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Vector Robotics, who we are

VectorRobotics was established in 2020 with the aim of harnessing the founders’ decades-long expertise in the development of solar-powered Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS). The extensive experience in crafting flying machines is backed by the founders’, collaborators’, and partners’ history of success and numerous achievements over the years.

Previously operating under the brand AirVision, the company was the first in Italy to design and manufacture civilian-use drones, both multirotors and fixed-wing, achieving the ‘Project Certification’ from ENAC for the NT6EVO drone.


Research and development are our keys


Research has always been the soul of our story. The solar quadcopter, presented at the ‘Roma Drone Conference 2017’, the first and still the only one of its kind in the world, is a prime example. We have always collaborated with various entities such as CNR, universities, and scientific groups, aiming for continual growth and mutual improvement.


Progetto DOME

In 2021, following our involvement in the DOME project dedicated to simulating the Martian environment, where vertical take-off drones developed and produced by Vector Robotics were used for territorial mapping, we conducted a series of experiments. These experiments allowed us to delve deeper into the use of innovative materials like expanded polypropylene and its application as a structural component, moving away from the classic and perhaps overused carbon fiber.


Materials, safety and ease of use

The research on materials, coupled with the study of specific wing geometries, led the company to specialize in the design and manufacture of extremely light, robust, and impact-resistant fixed-wing drones, which remain harmless in case of impact with objects or persons. The synergy of these characteristics has enabled the creation of highly maneuverable drones, both in transport and operational use, enhancing safety during flight, take-off, and landing, and reducing the learning curve for users.


Partnership with SpaceMind

Vector Robotics: a leader in professional solar drone technology


The thorough study of these aspects has led to significant achievements in terms of electric flight autonomy, positioning the drones we produce as undisputed market leaders, without competitors capable of offering comparable flight times.

Throughout each phase of its evolution, the company’s overarching vision of innovation and sustainability remains constant. The optimization of energy resource usage, the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, and the reduction of environmental impact are the foundations upon which VectorRobotics has always committed to highly innovative yet sustainable and environmentally friendly aerial mobility.

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