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Modular Solar Powered VTOL


Modular Solar Powered VTOL

Base Specs

  • Range   20 Km
  • Endurance   3 hours (solar wings) | 1.5 hours battery
  • Speed   50 km/h cruise | 80 km/h max
  • Payload   Modular 6x6 optical dual HD visible / 640x480 thermal
  • Altitude   80m operational | 4500m max
  • Wind resistance   30 km/h
  • Weight   2450 gr
  • Wingspan   177 cm solar | 238 cm plane
  • Lenght   128 cm

Choose your components for your EOS


While EOS will reach its best aerodynamic efficiency with the full wing set, it can be upgraded with a set of solar wings to double its flight time in daylight conditions.

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With a modular payload nosecone, EOS can be adapted to any mission scenario in a few seconds.

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EOS is powered by a smart Li-ion custom battery pack, that can be replaced without any tool or disassembly required.

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